Business Builders Membership



Hello Beautiful Soul,  


Are you tired of trying to figure out how to start your business on your own?

Frustrated with trying to figure out how to turn your passion into profit?

Do you wish you had someone to run projects by, bounce off ideas or just someone who got what you were trying to do?

Need to learn more tools and resources but not mortgage your house to do it?

Need accountability that helps you grow and get things done without making you feel guilty when “life happens”?




If you said yes to any of these, you are in the right place!


Imagine having training, resources, coaching and support, that helps you build your business that flows with who you are, perfectly fits your lifestyle, where you can talk about the woo woo stuff and your emotions and honoring them are a power not a liability.


pic surprise

This place does exist



What if you…

woke up every morning excited and invigorated about your day ahead. You get to serve the people you were born to serve. You are making a difference in others’ lives, but the biggest difference is the difference you are making in your own life and your families'.

That’s why we are in our businesses in the first place, right?


Fully embrace being the co-creator of a life you love!

  For something this BIG we all need support!!!





Maybe you can't image it right now cause you need the bills paid and have a list of things to get done.  I get it!


We've all heard stories of others who tried to start a business and they lost a lot of money, never made any money and spent tons of time then ended up with less money and a new job. They walked away with broken dreams and a broken heart. The worst part was they started to doubt themselves, thinking that something was wrong with them because others could do it why could they not make it work. They started thinking those people that made it work are special and “am not”. They start wondering “Do I have what it takes?” “Will I ever get this business to work?”




 Those that use the DIY method of building a business: 

  • Trying to figure out this business thing without support, DIY is long and hard and painful
  • Being frustrated at the end of free webinars that leave you with more questions than answers
  • Feeling stuck in a job when they know in their heart they want their own business
  • Doing self study programs alone at their desk wondering if they are “getting it right”?
  • Trying to connect with others for support but not finding the “right” ones?
  • Meetings being scheduled when they are at work


Here's the truth:

The problem was not them!

They just didn't have a system in place to support them, so they could succeed. They didn't structure the business from the beginning to be a success. They were missing some key pieces to a successful business.


 Can you relate?





The Divine gave me the download...  A Coach & A Mastermind Group (I found both)



My life changed and so did my business!

Having this business that I love has given me soooo much more than I ever could have imagined.

Having a loving community behind me makes all the difference in the world!

The community provides me a place to create, get support, test out products. 

A place best of all without judgement and be my full self.



There is more...

  • A place that honors who I am and pushes me to be more me
  • A place I can show my fears and lack of knowledge and not be judged
  • Sisters to support me not just my business, I can laugh and cry with them
  • My connection to myself and the Divine
  • I got to heal old stuff that was holding me back personally and in business
  • A space to create my Divine work and help those I was born to serve
  • And more to come

  I want the same for you!






What if you had a business that reflected your soul’s purpose and opens the door to a new world that you long for –

 Are you ready?



I have found, that there are so many aspiring entrepreneurs who feel they are stuck in starting a business or in their present business and need help.


They are wanting support to start or grow their business

♥ They are tired of doing it alone

♥ They are spinning their wheels because they lack information and resources

♥ They are feeling overwhelmed at doing it all (social media, funnels, networking, autoresponders, videos, sales, etc.)

♥ They are tired of starting and stopping their vision feeling like they are getting nowhere as time keeps moving

♥ They are wanting to learn new skills and strategies in a friendly environment, where they are able to ask questions and be heard

♥ They are wanting to know how to build their business that honors their values and makes money

They are wanting to trust their intuition without second guessing themselves

♥ They are longing to do the work they were born to do 



Does this sound like you? Keep reading...


Some brave souls (maybe you’re one of them) have dabble here and there, with other groups because your friends go or other “gurus” recommend it - but none of them seemed to fit or ever really work for you. These “groups” did not make your heart sing or give you what you needed.








Here are some results you can look forward to:

∞ Design a business that fits your vision 

∞ Running your business in a way that honors you

∞ Have “team” to go along this journey with that get you

∞ Connect to your inner guidance and trust it

∞ Having more resources to do your divine work

∞ Creating systems that make your business run with easy

∞ Develop partnerships to help you get clients

∞ A plan to deal with fears as well as a “team” to hold your hand and let you know you’re not the only one

∞ Have a mindset of a Divinely Inspired Entrepreneur

∞ A blueprint to set up your life to have room for all the things that are important to you how to prioritizes

∞ Confidence in who you are to create your soul’s purpose

∞ Have a personal plan for leaving your job 



Use the power of coaching & community to build your business your way...

The way you know in your heart it was meant to be.


Does this sound like something you want???



Let me introduce you to...

Business Builders   

   A memebership group that is so much more than just a basic membership...



You get: 

  • Time during the sessions to share
  • Questions answered 
  • Assignments to design your business and feedback on your answers
  • Next steps specific to where you are in your journey
  • Expert interviews
  • Business & personal growth resources
  • And the best part of all you get instant community support, you have a built-in team to give you ideas not just your coach.


You have a built in accountability team that will support and love you through your building process. If life has taught me anything it is that life is so much more fun to share it with others along the same journey.



Every person is different right… so I take you from where you are to where you want to go in the framework listed below. How quickly or slowing you move through any part of this process is up to you. Even though we will have group sessions your journey is unique to you and that will be honored during sessions. We all learn from one another and help each other along the way that’s what makes this process so special and rewarding.

During this journey, I will walk beside you through this 12-month transformational membership group.  As we move through it you’re going to learn month by month to feel really comfortable about creating your business.




Here are the components of Business Builders Membership: 




Group formation

In the group that will be hand-picked by the Divine and myself. I will match people to groups that seem to best fit their needs and personality. A group that can support you and help you grow your business. I am asking that you trust the process and where the Divine places you there is no mistakes just learning experiences. We will do our best to accommodate all those that are accepted into the sisterhood.


Monthly groups


Coaching/Mastermind group:

There will be one groups each month. The duration of each group will be up to 90 minutes long.

Each member will be given time to share there project/task they need help with. The group and coach will give you feedback. This is time to share ideas resources to grow our business. Or members can volunteer to get coached during the session on any part of their business or personal issue impacting their business. If you would like you can get feedback from the group as well. This is time to grow past our limiting beliefs.


Shift group: 

There will be one groups each month. The duration of each group will be up to 60 minutes long.

During this group we will focus on the things that block us in designing our business (fear, procrastination, limiting beliefs, etc.). We will do exercised to make shifts so that we remove the block and can move forward in business and life. Self development is so crucial in creating profits!


Monthly training

Get in-depth teachings and trainings about how to grow you and your business. How to get your mind, body and spirit to embody being your own boss!

Each month the training will focus on the theme of the month. The training may be done by your coach or an expert guest. Questions from the training can be discussed in the private online group or mastermind group. 

You'll also get access to an online private client portal with at-home exercises and practices to help you integrate what you've learned (plus a few surprise goodies!).


Online group meet up

There will be a private Facebook group for all the members of the program where you can ask questions and get feedback from members. So, your support network just got bigger and better!





 And these bonuses...


You get the Survival Kit2 extra groups during the month


  Monthly Group Circles (Connection Session)

The session last 30 minutes 

These session are for connecting to you & the Divine as well as resolving specific mind, body or spirit issue. During the session, I will go into my “treasure chest” and present different ways to connect with yourself and the Divine. Through this connection you get guidance for your business and your life. We will release things that do not sever us anymore and set new intentions for ourselves and our business. I will pick a different topic every month unless the group request a topic. These groups happen during the new moon and full moon times of each month.


 Home Study Course: 

Courage Risk and Rewards Course

In this coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards. You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This training will open new doors to exciting opportunities!



What you get from me –

My years of experience facilitating groups (I started in 1995). I absolutely love facilitating and being part of a group it fuels me!

I will share my treasure chest of tools, spiritual techniques, resources and rolodex. Whatever I come across and I think it will benefit the groups I will share. I am a forever student so the information will never dry up.

You get my experience along my journey as an entrepreneur and other stories I have learned along my way.

You get my connection to the Divine and my intuition that continues to get stronger every year. This helps me guide my client to the wisdom they need in making decisions for their business as well as themselves.

My experience with assessing people and placing them in the right groups (20 + years).

I also can help with healing blocks that are keeping you stuck and your business not prospering. I have been trained in a few energy healing methods to remove old “stuff” so you can move forward in your vision. 

My humbleness to keep learning and knowing that I am only the “guru” in my own life not yours.

New wisdom as I gain it


This is just the beginning the benefits of membership will continue to grow as we get older. Like a fine wine as we age we get better.




Not for you if...

Wanting others to do the work for them

Not willing to take feedback or coaching

Wanting to get feedback for their ideas and not share resources

Don’t believe the Divine should be a part of your business

Not willing to be a supportive team member for others

Only in it for personal gain and not helping other grow their business

I hope you get the point





For you if...

Are tired of doing their business alone

Feel a calling to be more or do more

Want to do their business in a way that honors who they are

Want real time feedback and input to grow their business

Willing to receive feedback and get coached

Ready to take action

Believe the Divine should run their business


Want to share with other like-minded entrepreneurs about other woo woo stuff that makes your business grow and you shine






I know these days. individual coaching can be costly and not everyone is making enough money on their job or in their business to pay for this type of service.

On the other hand...

Self-study is more affordable but with not a lot of guidance and accountability. Or you do not get the personalized support you need.


You know you need to do something because if you don't do something...


You will stay stuck trying to figure out your business alone.

You will get overwhelmed and not move forward toward your vision.

You start to doubt if you should have ever done this.

You feel like your life is not going anywhere, maybe even lose hope

You feel like you are failing.



Don’t let this happen to you! You don't have to do it alone!




Join us...


If this mastermind feels as though it is the next right step for you, please fill out the application below.  My Team and I will be in touch with you within 48 business hours to schedule a Sacred Strategy Session with you to see if we should move forward together.


The price of this program is something I’m really excited about. I know the feeling of seeing something you really really want and hoping you can afford it.


Business Builders is designed to provide long-term support and in order to do that it has to be affordable. I don’t want you to have to choose between Business Builders or taking other trainings – I want you to be able to do BOTH.


Business Builders starts at only $197/mo and requires a 12 month commitment (because real change takes time).



For a limited time I am offering special pricing

Business Builder will start at $97/mo 

You can also opt to pay $970 up front for the year (and essentially get two months free).


And I know pricing is all relative. Someone reading this might think “wow, that’s a steal!” (because it is 😉 ) and the next person sees $97/mo as being out of reach. So let me put this into perspective a bit.


Most experts offer trainings, courses, and groups that are in the $997-$3000 range and only last a few weeks, and have minimal access to THEM for help. In Business Builders, you’ll be getting personal support and supplemental training for a whole 12 months AND have personal access to me the entire time through the Facebook group and our groups.

I am only taking a limited number of people so I can focus on their success.



Some Love from others 


Let’s recap one last time:


∞ Monthly Group where you’ll share your content get specific feedback and get your questions answered about anything in your business.


∞ Monthly training that will teach how to set up your business that is alignment with you so you can be more effective and more efficient (make more money in less time).


∞ Online Meet Up Group where you get unstuck and support 24/7 access to your Business Builders, you can ask questions, get feedback on what you are working on.


∞ Monthly Group Circles where we will work on shifting your energy that is blocking you personally and in your business.


∞ A Sacred Place to create your business in a way that matches who you are so your business is viable and sustainable.


I would be honored to serve you and support you as you connect to your true essence and create your sacred work. The world needs you and is ready for your sacred impact.  It’s time to do the work you were born to do and serve those you were born to serve, don’t you agree?


The process to learn more about the program is simple. Complete the application and have a conversation with me to see if the group is the right fit to support you through this journey and if the program I have created matches your needs.

Love and Light,

La Shonda