mission workshop

What's My Mission Workshop?: 

Take Your Passion, Your Experience, Your Calling and Turn It into a Business You Love!




      ~ Waking up to a day you created the schedule for

      ~ You created the rules to the company

      ~ There is no cap to what you get paid

      ~ Working with people you really enjoy because you chose them & they chose you

      ~ Knowing you are making a real impact in someone else's life

      ~ Having an exit plan from your job

      ~ You created all of this 


This 1 1/2 hour workshop can help you make your dream a reality!

The Investment is $29

Yes, Sign me up !

January 28th @ 8pm


It the workshop we will cover:

  • How to take your passion & experience and turn it into a business right now
  • Identify what would be the business that brings you joy
  • Determine what skills and resources you need to start your business
  • How to structure your business foundation
  • Create a blueprint for your next steps

Of course, time will be given to answer any questions you have related to business.


Workshop format - 

We will start with some training then go right into exercises. You will have time to complete each exercise so you walk away from the workshop with the information you need to map out your mission. The workshop will end with Q &A. I will stay until all questions are answered.


Once you complete this workshop you can...

 You can start building your business this year. You can relax knowing you have clarity & direction for your future.



Note from La Shonda: You can create what you desire with a bit of guidance and support. Remember every successful person has one coach (most have more than one) you deserve one too!

 Yes, I Want the Workshop




La Shonda works with entrepreneurs to unlock the hero within so they can help the people they are born to help. 

Specially assisting spiritual & creative entrepreneurs to create a business that plays to their strengths.

She is known as The Guide and has developed specific trainings to help entrepreneurs go within to unleash their super powers to make an impact, change the world....and get paid for it!

Serving clients throughout the world with International best-selling books, trainings, and retreats.

She has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. And holds two degrees a BA in Psychology and MSW. She holds over 10 certifications including, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, Mega Speaker and Certified Faith Keeper.